Friday, 31 December 2010

As years go by I cast my mind

In the very last gleam of sun

last day of the year

snow reveals traces from wild animals

who doesn't count any years at all

life is rich for all living

just relax and enjoy

now it's time to contemplate

and turn another page

tomorrow sun will go up again on yet another year

a Happy new year :)

Friday, 9 July 2010

Always an oddball

Just realise that I've posted a picture from the same place. Exept it was another bike now resting in a dark corner, another year passed to memory lane and another blog that has quietly fallen into sleep.

Shadows run longer in the evening and sun is getting that golden yellow light. You have that smells from a warm dry day. Everything is calm and the birdsong has almost ended.

Some time to contemplate, admiring the shape and shine of this oddball of a motorcycle. Making up loose plans for tomorrow. It will be Saturday a day off with nothing special on the agenda.

Think I take a trip by chance to some town not too far away. Search for some cosy park, rest in the shadow of the trees with an ice cream and watch occasional girls behind my shades :-)

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Quiet evening

Summer evenings are filled with different smells and feelings in the air.

Smells from the warm soil and a mixture of different flowers, sounds from all that birdsong until the sun has completely dropped.

You feel It is Summer.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Midsummer today

Thought that I should do something special today like taking a spin nude in the morning, when everyone was asleep. On my Monkeybike :-)

Friday, 18 June 2010

Lament for our old lady

Fresh fish is so tasty!

Old little madam has fallen asleep for the last time.

This extraordinary cat who followed with the house and got around 26 years of living, that would be like a man who lived until 150?

Special in a way that she was always so kind to people, loving mother to her kittens and also this very skilled hunter.

When kittens grew up she would go out and hunt something that would get their minds into real food. She used to drag home big black rats the same size as her.. and when the kittens where horrified, she brought home squirrel instead and there is not many cats that can chase a squirrel in the trees. She has sometimes brought home hare..

One time when she had kittens and lying in a basket with them in the hall. A women with a puppy dog come and visited. She put up her ears and eyes above the wall and stared at the dog, then jumped off to the floor and went right to the dog and gave it a real claw on the nose, dog screamed and hide under a bench and the cat walked slowly without looking back to the basket with her kittens. The dog was a Mastiff, as a puppy about twice the size of her self.

In her last years she lost her hearing and also this hunting that was the fun of her life. So she became a very happy fisher instead. When you come home with some fish in the bowl she would directly fish them up and eat them. Always so happy about these fishing.

She was always so clever and used to observe if a car went away it would perhaps come back with some fish.. and this last day of her life she followed to the car that was going away and sat down patiently to wait, if it would come back with some fish.

When the car came back she had laid down and fallen into the endless sleep perhaps dreaming of fish.

Childrens put her in a box with some towels to make it cosy, fresh flowers and a fish next to her.. Oldest has buried her in some secret place in the woods, she says she is going to build a little pyramid with stones above before she reveals where..

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Calm and cool Sunday

Rather grey weather today, some confusing in the morning about what time it really is since we changed to summertime this night. Hmm.. so if clock is seven it should be eight in this new timeorder. I dislike that grub with time, time should be a fix point in eternity..

Got that Sunday dread and spent most of the day on my back reading, thinking and listening to music like this.

She seems to be.. interesting..

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Real men smells Diesel

And my nickname is Diesel??

Hahaha! I got that name when studing at the University since I allways mucked around with something that was going on that acid..

Somehow I was raised in it because my father always used to drive Mercedes Diesels. Later he changed from a 200d to a 220d from 55 to 60 hp and I was astonished at that extra power:-)

When I started my own ownership in cars there was ever this diesel Merc.. Sort of having that in the blood. No chanse of competing to anybody at the traffic lights but somehow.. can't explain but I really liked driving around in these underpowered cars that was was running on Diesel. Secretly I always dreamt of having more power from these oil burners. What I did in those days was trigging the fuelpump with some extra moisture that resulted in black fumes and perhaps some extra umph.

Come to stumble upon this on Youtube, yeah.. must have looked upon it a doezen times.. (or even more) This is one of my dreams now fulfilled by this Finnish guy and he is really doing some black fumes..

To come and be that underdog with an old Merc Diesel.. so cool.. and unexpected...

Friday, 26 March 2010

Sun reveals my lazieness

Took a walk at lunch and got rather surprised, sun was so warm that I could take off my cap. Strange feeling of walking with nothing on your head, have some vague memories that it has happened before, although not this year :-)

Heard and saw the first motorcycles that has woken up from hibernation and got a bit stressed, back home I´ve got five that all need some fix more or less and there would be so much time to deal with all of that during the winter… I´m a master of putting off until tomorrow what is better done today :-)

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

First Kiss

Had a laugh when I read Classic Bike today. There was an article explainig that there are certain things you don´t forget. Like your first kiss and your first Motorcycle:-)

I still remember my first kiss.. at sixteen.. and it was on my first bike!!

Haven´t got any idea who she was, just a girl who wanted to take a ride around the block when I was cruising one late evening. She thanked me by giving that kiss, a bit surprising for me who was rather uncertain on how to deal with girls at that time..

Now I found an ad for a similar bike, Rather uncommon to find any of these nowadays, and I am tempted on buying and going back to the roots. Cruising down to the village and play cool outside the hamburger joint, just waiting for a girl who wants to take a ride on a Yamaha RD125 from -78.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Saturday evening

Woke up at the sofa, must have been looking at Dr Who:-) think we where into the fifth doctor, Peter Davison... Oldest is a collector of Dr Who and have all, yes every episode from when the series started 1964? including the erased stories that only can be listened to..

Went down to the kitchen and found some fish sticks, left over at the stove from yesterday. And some vine that was left in a bag. Had a munch on it and got remembrance of eating fish and chips from a paper in London..

Friday, 19 March 2010

Time after time

So time is healing the injuries.. just some more scars..

Still angry at my self, I have a life long responsibility, being present as a living and caring father.

There maybe one or even more problems inside my head.. a major is this total lack of fear..

Monday, 15 March 2010

From dusk to dawn

Bad judgement has been one follower all my life. There is one thing if it only is myself who get caught by the consequence. Not so good when those who are dear for me will be affected. Yesterdays mishap was just one in a row conducted by the author. Today i´m lucky to be alive..

It´s time to pull myself together. Now more mistakes..

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Sundaythougts in the snow

The thrill is not downhill but going uphill to float the throttle and climb upon the morning crust, jump over stones and reach to the top.. gets some adrenalin..

And when you reach the top there could be something like this stone, wonder how lonely it must be.

Trick is to find a new path in the woods.

Use to take photos of my motorcycles just at this point, these trees looks so odd.

I like this 70-style of design in the decor. Wonder who they where these people who built this in -78. I like that name Thief River Falls, sounds like if it couldn't be much more than a small village. Must have a river to, and a fall.. Do they ever think about what happend to the machines they put together? That 32 years later one crazy Swede would go around and examine the limits on one that was built in Thief River Falls..

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Crust is a whisper of spring

Yes crust is so essential for springtime. You just stumble on in all the powder snow and have nothing to rely on, but then one day it occurs..

That feeling, that you almost, can step on..

It's definetely spring in the air now and I rely on that crust..

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Lots of snow everywhere

Shrewd to have the Snowcat just outside the porch

Forgotten and now it's hard to get her out.

Youngest busy digging caves, like I used to do in her age.

This winter we had a lot of snow, unusual here in the south of Sweden. One reason why I moved 1000km to the south was this snow.., fed up with shovel snow each and every day during the winter...

Now it has been like an ordinary winter in the north. Perhaps the next step will be to move 1000km again and settle in Italy, grow olives?

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Wooden Art

Although they are sort of artificial the impression is great. Looks almost like an installation.

Calm, quiet and isolated, standing tall with only a minimum of branches, reminds me in a way of humans..

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Moments in time

Went out skating with youngest daughter this evening. Winters have been mild without any ice to practise on for some years. Now when cold and snow are in abundance we have the chance of training her skating. In the village is a hockey rink with fresh solid ice and electric lights. No other one was there and we could skate all alone. I remember when I was in her age and used to go skating with my father at evenings. I wasn't so good at it, same level as she, but we had fun together. Was those moments that stays in memory lane.

Daughter remind me that we used to go and swim together last summer, she would wait until I come home from work and then we had our lake where we could go and most often be alone. She laugh and remarks that the difference now is that we are on frozen water.. We use to have fun together, moments like these is what life is all about..

Sunday, 24 January 2010

I make my own tracks

Riding on soft powder snow feels like doing it on virgin clouds

A bit icy for a trip with a bike these days So I ride into the woods on my snowcat..