Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas Day

View from kitchen window

So I went for the earley Christmas-morning service this morning at six a clock. Oldest daughter are part in a tradition for the Scouts to march this morning out to this church in the countryside with torches and read the Scouts peace-note as the opening. I thought that this year would be suitable for me to visit the service and bring her home afterwards. I haven't been to Christmas-morning service for over twelve? years. It is rather cosy just to sit in the church with hundreds of candles burning and listening to the choir singing. You feel warmth inside of you.

The priestess looked rather good when she stood in the pulpit, I didn't really listen, thought more about how it would feel to hug her.. O yes she mentioned the phrase climate-sharp, sort of modern word today.. Afterwards she stood and thanked the visitors but now she did not look so hugable.. I spended eyes on the female choir instead..

Outside the church they had an open fire and offered warm Glüh-wine (non-alcoholic) and the choir sang a little more. A man stepped forward said that this was such a wonderful morning with the choirs from the angels and all this warmth you can feel not only from the fire and Glüh-vine.

Now back home I would spend the rest of the day inside the warmth just reading and doing nothing.

Monday, 21 December 2009

A real Christmas present

Nock on the door this evening and this turned up. I've seen a lot of misjudged presents over the years like flowers and cards but this was in another league.

Home-smoked Salmon Trout just brought up from the lake and laying on Juniper (as it also was smoked with) all in a bowl made of concrete!

Hey this is the best Christmas present for years :-)

Saturday, 19 December 2009

In the darkest hours

It was cold outside in the morning with -20 outside.. this the darkest of days in the year.

Rather handy when you have the Christmas decoration hanging in the bedroom window all year and just have to pull in the plug to get it lightened

Took a walk outside in the afternoon before the sun dissapeared completely. No this is not a Christmas tree it's a..

Juniper tree

Couldn't resist and had to start this up and listen to the sound, just smiled when rewwing up the twin and listened to it, who needs a Telly?

Sound magnified inside was gorgeous!

And then the sun dropped as it does and have done for thousands of years before..

Snow under the feet was moaning, as it does when it's really winter and not just some snow drifting past.

Friday, 11 December 2009


So we are in this season when light is rather rare. Some brighthead(!) at work has made a room for therapy with light. Yes they have clothed it in inside with white linien and have these special light-lights and when using it you should also dress in white sheets whith a hole in for your head. Then the thought is that you should sit there for an hour or so and let your mind brighten up..

Rather interested when I tested it today with the white sheet on, stepped inside and felt.. lightened..