Friday, 31 July 2009

Lunch break

Last day of July today, last day of work on my official job before vacation. Took a bicycle on a spin at lunch. A stop at the city square and an ice cream. Sat on a bench and looked at the people. It is ever so interesting just watching people and trying to figure out who they are. And women are so nice to look at in summertime..

Many families that looks like they are on a holiday, often looks a bit stressed, many plans and many things to do at so little time. Women who are out shopping, looking smart, expensive clothes. Why do they always have the nose in the air when there is plenty of money in the purse? Young people with small kids in perambulators looks so pleased, really proud and so they should feel. And then there are all this young folks who just hang around watching and being watched, just like me..

I munch on the ice cream tried to look cool.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Monday morning 04:20

A kitten is playing with my ear. It bites and nibble playfully. I listen to its sniffs and thought that this is more effective than the alarm clock.

And funnier too..

Friday, 17 July 2009

Summer evening

Shhhh.. can you hear the silence?

Me and youngest took an evening bath this Friday. She's always happy to go bathing and we were lucky to have this beach alone once again. There are others who also knows where it is but they probably only come here at daytime when sun shines straight on.

Temperature was warm and water smelled good like it does in a warm summer evening when it is totally calm and no wind mixes the air. I thought that this beach, this evening, would have been a perfect place for a loving couple to have a secret bath together. Had to brush up some old memories from my mind :-)

At home we shared a pair of ice creams in the garden and I thought that moment like this is what summer is all about.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Sunday morning breakfast

Although they looks cute and harmless when they are sleeping

Breakfast with Engilsh Breakfast tea (`course) and cheese, Edamer, in that cheese-bread I really like.

These kittens is sometimes given you some high blood pressure. Normally you seldom hear me using any bad words but when I found out that they had again using a place under the coach in the kitchen as a toilet I used some really nasty ones.. loud.. Ok the kitchen looks like a garbage dump normally but there is a sandpit specially for these wild ones. Soon they will be gone.. hopefully..

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Toes above the level

Trick is to find a lake where you could bath alone

The heat that has hold a grip with temperatures up to 30 a couple of weeks is moving away and clouds are coming in. Not that I bother so much, use to take the weather as it comes and temperature in water was quite warm this afternoon.

Today when it was more normal outside I took a wrestle and changed generator on the diesel Frontera. Have been thinking on doing it for some months.. Thing is that it is so stupidly built that you almost can't see where it is positioned and you have no rooms for any hands. Got real help from oldest daughter with getting the new one in place where she held it from above and I lay underneath and managed to get the bolts in with the top of my fingers, couldn't have done that without help. We had some fun on the fact that everything has not evolved.. She paid real interest in wanting to learn more about that old art of motor repair, perhaps we should open a shop together sometimes it's a benefit to have small and pliable hands..

It was a pleasure when starting up and it charged again, you get a real kick out of fixing that kind of problems :-)