Friday, 29 August 2008

I have to look at tv this evening

I usually never look at tv, last time must have been sometime in May when I did watch some news. Hahaha no I have no interest in sports either..

But tonight I`ll make an exception and look at a program at 08:00 pm.

Don't know really why I got interested in this band and their original members, probably because they where kind of weird. like I always have been..

In prehistoric times, when I was young.. I use to bring home girls and let them listen to music like this and they suddenly got very busy and have to run away.. leaving a cap..

Thursday, 28 August 2008

More from the coffe table

Seems that all my blogging comes from the coffee breaks.. hmm..

At the morning coffee we heard that a division in the company that works in Stockholm was to have a cake this day because they had such low absence for not being ill. We five at the coffeetable came to the conclusion that nowbody here never use to be ill and we phoned a boss and expressed the case, you never see any bosses here (and that's the best with this job) her reply was:

Buy yourself a cake.

At the afternoon coffee with a cake we somehow got into this thing about having sex..

One man said that it was fun many years ago but now he would rather prefer a cup of coffee instead. Anyway he had to stand on his hands to get some reaction..

A women replied that they newer do it nowadays, he only use to do some massage on her neck and they both think that is all they needed nowadays.

A third man said that he use to upset his wife, and that was evidently very easy... Then she would turn her back towards him in the bed and he could get to sleep without having to do some unwanted exercise..

The fourth guy did a diplomatic reply and said that the matter is a little bit tricky.

I only laugh...

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Cofferoom talk

At work we often have so much fun at the coffebreak that I laugh so the tears are rolling. Today there where some talk about things someone had done in 1976 and a women replied that she was one years old that same year. Then there was this serious conclusion from one thinker:

We have all been one years old sometime and now we sit together at this moment, what has led us here... and what went wrong? hahaha!

Yes, why did we all sat in that room today?

Saturday, 23 August 2008


Went to an auction in a nearby village today, newer know what you find.. There was a lot of summer-people in the crowd so the prices went to high for the things that where really interesting. Rather funny to hear Germans bidding in bad Swedish..

Did bought this original painting with this navy motives that I'm so fond of, actually I like it more and more, now I can sit and dream in front of this painting instead of the internet hahaha!.
One small problem is to find some unoccupied wall that is big enough for it..

The price was quite reasonable 20kr 'cause no other gave a bid, perhaps it was too large for their summer cottages.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Cold shower

Didn't bother to put on the furnace for some hot water this morning..

At least you don't spend so much time in the shower hahaha!

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Still on fire..

I have all records and also the one with only his poems, on LP of course.. hahaha! These records has really been played a lot a thousand years ago when I lived alone without kids and and all that..

Used to spend evenings listening to music without any lights on in the whole house, just listening..

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Sundayrain and thoughts of Canada

Got an offer around -86 to work one year in Canada, in British-Columbia. The job was to operate a forestmachine, a Kockum that was on a sort of tour to make Canadians interested in the short timber harvesting. The name Kockum comes from Malmoe but the machines where built in Stensele.. Very tricky to tell the whole story..

It would have been nice to work in that Canadian forest but I turn the offer down.. perhaps it was some girl or what..

In my recent job I had to deal a lot with some guys from Canada and there was an offer to go and visit them in Montreal but it newer suited.. A funny thing was that we where just as bad talking English to each others because they always spoke French in Montreal..

Look at this Canadian.. who has doing so many love songs.. and here he is with his wife on the scene.. glad to see that she was not a bimbo..

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Saturday supper

I consider cooking as an art. Well cooking spaghetti can anyone but the minced meat is special. and I always invent so that it will newer be the same recepie and taste.

Started with onions, a lot of them that I cut into pieces and also got a lot of tears in my eyes while doing it.. Then I pressed a whole garlic, chopped a paprika and after it had got the right coulor in the pot, put a kilo of minced meat in. I also empty tree cans of tomatostew into and some salt and whitepepper and some dry herbs, salvia, basilika and oregano. And a big spoon with honey..

When I served it to the two kids that where left.. one didn't want any of the meat, the other tasted a bit but said he wasn't hungry..

Anyone who wants to come and eat with me? I can always warm it up in the micro..

Happy Saturday

Yes I feel sort of happy today. The plan for today is to do nothing.. Perhaps read some books or search in some old magazines. I will not watch sports on tv hahaha! have no interest in sports.. I will not do any cleaning or fixing that really should have been done ages ago.. And the chances are not high that I would fix that car who desperately needs some mending.. Yes now I know what I definitely will be doing.. spend a lot of time on the internet hahaha! And I must make some special dinner hmm.. spaghetti and minced meat sauce.. not so ingenious but the kids will love it.

Got this on my lips when I woke up. I almost always have a tune in my head, the selection seems to be random..

Friday, 15 August 2008

Just some thoughts from today

Conversation on the phone with a female college who has this wonderful hoarse voice that is so..

She: Can I use your XX (my employee) to work for me, Is it possible to negotiate with him?

Me: No problem he is always willing..

She: So if I go and meet him and lift the skirt then he'll do anything for me?

Me: Yeah.. after that I think he'll do what ever you want..

She: Thanks for the tip and I wish you a nice weekend..

We sure have a lot of laughs everyday at work..

Thursday, 14 August 2008


Todays big thought is that some questions will newer be answered.

How does it feel to wear pantyhoses?

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Sunday afternoon

There was this soft rain all the day and I've made some fire in the sauna and will be going to spend a long time in the heat this evening.. come to think about playing an instrument in the sauna.. I have newer experienced that.. it would have been nice to play with a saxophone when laying in the mist.. Does the instrument handle the humidity, has enybody tried?

Don't know why I have had this in my ears today..

Where did they find the snow?