Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Happy Lion

This could be old and well known but I like it. Feel the resemblance from a child when you have been away and they just want to have a hug.

Oldest presented the clip for me and I miss her a lot since she moved to study at a University far away. We are good friends who enjoy discussing all kinds of topics and also watching Dr Who together :)

I haven't got many friends at all. Hahaha and it's my own fault. Simply because I'm such an odd fellow that likes loneliness and haven't got this social need for beeing with other peoples. I just like to be by my own and in my own thoughts.. in the woods :)

Sunday, 15 May 2011

A birds view

So funny that the birds are using the pedestrian crossing.
Have to wait before I pass :)

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Thoughts from under a tree

These are my own Cherry trees

So it's spring again and the blossom trees are full of flowers. Back up in north where I grew up we had none of these flower trees in spring.. hmm. Yes we had “Hägg” I don't know the English word for it got this big white blossoms that smells so.. and then a black berry that was so bitter you couldn't eat. None of these “Hägg” trees lives here in the south and I long for that smell from one of these big trees in spring.

In a way here in the south there is less smell from everything, perhaps in north you live more intense and have to use more fragrances to search for bees to breed... Perhaps we all from the north have that extra something :)

Monday, 2 May 2011

Master of postpone

Hahaha! I am an expert on putting up things to do next day..

One of my favourite things to do as late as possible is this Tax declaration.

Usually I spend the evening on the very last day to calculate and write down all the figures and then drive without any concern on speed limits.. to that special mailbox for Tax declaration who close at midnight and put the envelope inside just at 24:00. The guys who close it use to say “hey you are the last one this evening”

Nowadays we have this fantastic internet where you could do it all online and don't have to search for certain forms in advance. This evening was the very last day and I started loosely without anything prepaired at seven and now have sent it all in including two companies declaration hahaha! Such a relief to have done this :)

Now It's only to wait for the tax authority to start asking questions..