Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Happy Lion

This could be old and well known but I like it. Feel the resemblance from a child when you have been away and they just want to have a hug.

Oldest presented the clip for me and I miss her a lot since she moved to study at a University far away. We are good friends who enjoy discussing all kinds of topics and also watching Dr Who together :)

I haven't got many friends at all. Hahaha and it's my own fault. Simply because I'm such an odd fellow that likes loneliness and haven't got this social need for beeing with other peoples. I just like to be by my own and in my own thoughts.. in the woods :)


dianne said...

Yes dear M, I have seen this video clip before and every time I see it I cry as it is so moving and beautiful, love knows no boundaries and Christian would never forget these two guys who rescued him and became his loving 'parents'.
I know you will miss your daughter, it is sad when they move away but she will always be your 'little girl' and you will always be friends. You sound like a great Dad and it is always nice when they come home or visit, always plenty of hugs!
xoxoxo ♡

The Mess said...

There is always mixed emotions when children grow up and start flying on their own wings. I also get a good notice of my own age :)
Hey! It wasn't long ago since Me myself started to study at the University... that part of my life has a lot of fun in retrospective.. Although I wasn't so happy in those years. A hectic life and spending a lot of time on thinking deep thoughts, always had this search for something..
Real happiness came when I settled down and oldest came to birth :)