Sunday, 8 May 2011

Thoughts from under a tree

These are my own Cherry trees

So it's spring again and the blossom trees are full of flowers. Back up in north where I grew up we had none of these flower trees in spring.. hmm. Yes we had “Hägg” I don't know the English word for it got this big white blossoms that smells so.. and then a black berry that was so bitter you couldn't eat. None of these “Hägg” trees lives here in the south and I long for that smell from one of these big trees in spring.

In a way here in the south there is less smell from everything, perhaps in north you live more intense and have to use more fragrances to search for bees to breed... Perhaps we all from the north have that extra something :)

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dianne said...

A lovely photograph of your cherry tree.
As for the “Hägg” trees, I think they are called hagberry, sometimes the flowers of trees are more beautful than the actual fruit...we associate memories with fragrances.
Perhaps the flowers from the north do have more intensity and we miss those fragrances, I can still remember the perfume of the 'sweet peas' that my Mother grew in her garden.
Perhaps the people from the north are more in tune with the natural world, you are quite the philosopher dear M. :)

xoxo ♡