Saturday, 28 March 2009

Sun is absent

Thought about the absence of spring this morning when I took a morning walk on the snowy road. Miss the sounds of birds and warm sunshine that use to wake up this time of year.

Back inside youngest wanted cream buns for breakfast and we made them together. She doesn't want marzipan in hers, I think it's the whole quintessence in them. Ate mine in warm milk ahhh so tasty.

Time to go for the weekly visit in the library always expectant to see what you can find.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

City feelings

Walking on some half known streets this evening. Everywhere are streetlights for safety and comfort. I pass through a park with trees illuminated from below, looks so interesting, stir your fantasies. A walking bridge over a little pond has some red lights on the railing gives some sort of carnival feeling. I take a break on that bridge looking around at all the lights from the city around, the big church in the distance has its walls bathing in light. Do people appreciate all this effort with lights, to give a nice impression for us who wander around?

Passing bars and restaurants one has candles outside, looking at the people sitting inside through windows. I´m a bit surprised that there are so many going out on a normal Thursday evening guess that is called social life.

It is a quiet city centre with no car traffic just us pedestrians and some cyclists who move around. An open window from an apartment reveals some laughter. All windows are filled with lights from the apartments where people live. This thing about living in a city attracts in some way. To have a café open at evenings or to be able of an impulsive sneak in on a cinema with a show that appeals and all just one block away from where you live. Some part of me would like to have this city life some other needs to live in the woods without any neighbours. Hmm.. think that asocial string in me is stronger, a city is nice to visit.. sometimes..

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Woke up this morning windows frosted

-14 and a white blanket of snow on the ground. Thought about spring or rather the absence. First spin seems to be looong away this year, should have bought that snowmobile I was drooling over. Anyway time to slip into the long pants and go to work..