Sunday, 21 June 2009

A Leopard doesn't change it's spots

This afternoon I realised that there was some shortage of cars for transportation next week. Not that the yard was empty of cars but it lacked one that both could actually drive by itself and be legally considering that test you should do once a year, our version of MOT.

So instead of trying to fix one that was MOT but did not drive unless you pushed it, I started to look at car ad's, it's so handy when you now have all that on internet. Have to confess to search for motor ad's is one of my big enjoyments.

Of course the price was the big factor so cheap or free was the only obligations and suddenly I stumbled on an ad for a ready to drive Volvo that I realised was from a young farmer I know who is living nearby. I phoned him up on his mobile phone number and he said "hey go and take a look", unfortunately he had gone with his family on a mini vacation (meat farmers have that possibility) "you should test drive it also, I think the car keys is inside". That's one thing I like with living at the countryside you never bother about taking out the car keys.

So I went over to have a look, his two dogs granted me with their tails waving, rather lousy as guarding dogs.. and the car well, It looked like a normal farmers car. Lots of clay everywhere and inside there was even more and also heaps of straw, paper, toys and the windows all with snout marking everywhere. At least it had leather upholstery so it would be easy to clean out the parts where you should sit. The style on the car was this typical youngster mode with coloured spoilers, sports steering wheel and chromium gear knob. When I started up it sounded almost like a Concorde... Just have to fix some dices to hang up in the rear view mirror and then I would feel like I'm eighteen again I thought.

Back home I phoned him up and we made a short wrestling on the price and then I could take it. He said I can come over and pay when his coming home tomorrow evening but it was no hurry.

Hahaha! now I have a real Raggar-Volvo again :-)

Note: Raggar(e) is best translated to young (or those who feel they are) boys and girls who drive around the city square in special style cars, listening to loud music preferable some heavy rock'n roll. the word as an expression has also a meaning of "picking up" :-)

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Then what?

Went out for a ride this evening, no special target to go to, just a twist from the wrist with my thoughts on two wheels.

Thought that I feel I'm very productive, like I could do a lot more, no! nothing from job-jar:-) Feeling inspired but don't know on what..

Some other thoughts was on that day it's time to close the eyes for the last time. It would be a bit dull if it was from sickness, or not so bad if it was fast, immediately like a stroke. But laying in bed for months.. no not my style..

Back home I sat with the internet and paid some leftover bills. Woosch.. and then went 10 grand (kronor) out in cyberspace. This feeling of living in a squirrel-wheel is so depressing. It would be a dream to live without having to use any money.. or only a little.. or..

Realised that I've been humming on this all day. Beautiful and rough.. just like me:-)

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Sunday again

Normally I use to go for a walk early at Sunday morning but today I just slept and slept having this extended dream with different scenes that fitted together, was rather amusing actually. No nothing important, the story based on my ordinary work and people I use to meet there. Funny how peoples personalities comes to light in your dreams, they appear just the way they are.

So it had to be an afternoon walk and I went to a hill I havn't walk upto before. The lake is not a new one, only this view. Here is where the fish that usually goes to the old cat comes from.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Sunday cat

Just another day in a cats life.

Hey are you following me?

Time for a break and smell on some flowers

Shhh I'm trying to sleep

Can't you pick them up so I won't get wet?

Old lady who followed with the house so the exact age is not so certain they said she was a kitten back in 1984. Has lived outside year around except when she has had kittens. Lived on her own hunting and food leftovers, no Whiskas ever:-)

Her name P***i sounds totally wrong in English ;-) nothing she cares about.. A master of hunting in her heydays, not only rats and some of them the same size as her self but also squirrels and hard to obtain birds like Magpies. Nowadays she seems to have lost her hearing and spend her days in a quiet pace. She really gets happy when you bring in some fish, no problem for her to pick them up from the water. The other cats thinks it's so annoying to get wet..

Days for kittens is over, she got her last kitten a couple of years ago and that daughter still lives here and is a true copy of her but... a complete gangster who blows by like a whirlwind and can take meat from the barbecue when you just make a little wink. Old lady would never do something like that, she just sit patiently and wait for her bones, knows that she always get the first ones.

(this evening she has picked up one of the Perches and ate it)

Monday, 1 June 2009

Roaming some back roads

With a harsh gearbox you get a sore big toe.

In my head the verse was; "They dont give a damn about any trumpet playing band"

Also learnt a new word today.. serendipity.. haha.. that's cool.