Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Quiet evening

Summer evenings are filled with different smells and feelings in the air.

Smells from the warm soil and a mixture of different flowers, sounds from all that birdsong until the sun has completely dropped.

You feel It is Summer.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Midsummer today

Thought that I should do something special today like taking a spin nude in the morning, when everyone was asleep. On my Monkeybike :-)

Friday, 18 June 2010

Lament for our old lady

Fresh fish is so tasty!

Old little madam has fallen asleep for the last time.

This extraordinary cat who followed with the house and got around 26 years of living, that would be like a man who lived until 150?

Special in a way that she was always so kind to people, loving mother to her kittens and also this very skilled hunter.

When kittens grew up she would go out and hunt something that would get their minds into real food. She used to drag home big black rats the same size as her.. and when the kittens where horrified, she brought home squirrel instead and there is not many cats that can chase a squirrel in the trees. She has sometimes brought home hare..

One time when she had kittens and lying in a basket with them in the hall. A women with a puppy dog come and visited. She put up her ears and eyes above the wall and stared at the dog, then jumped off to the floor and went right to the dog and gave it a real claw on the nose, dog screamed and hide under a bench and the cat walked slowly without looking back to the basket with her kittens. The dog was a Mastiff, as a puppy about twice the size of her self.

In her last years she lost her hearing and also this hunting that was the fun of her life. So she became a very happy fisher instead. When you come home with some fish in the bowl she would directly fish them up and eat them. Always so happy about these fishing.

She was always so clever and used to observe if a car went away it would perhaps come back with some fish.. and this last day of her life she followed to the car that was going away and sat down patiently to wait, if it would come back with some fish.

When the car came back she had laid down and fallen into the endless sleep perhaps dreaming of fish.

Childrens put her in a box with some towels to make it cosy, fresh flowers and a fish next to her.. Oldest has buried her in some secret place in the woods, she says she is going to build a little pyramid with stones above before she reveals where..