Monday, 28 April 2008

Spring is in the air

Went out for a ride to test the rear brake that I've adjusted, always find some reason to open the throttles.. Stopped at this nature-meadow with oaks and hmm... what is the English name for White-sipps?

Sunday, 27 April 2008

Easy solution

It's definitely more fun changing to summertyres than the opposite. But it is so annoying when a wheel has decided to not let loose and want to stay together with the car in a corroded relationship. You can use a lot of effort and bad words when trying to persuade it to loosen its grip. But the best way is to use a tool that is big enough. One knock will do the trick :-)

In some way you can make it like a saying: Don't do unnecessarily work, use a larger sledgehammer.

Friday, 25 April 2008

Dreams in sunshine

This afternoon I almost fell asleep in a pleasant dream. Sun was warm and with some effort I did manage to not do a lot of stuff that I should have done but instead lay down on a bench outside and closed my eyes against the sun. Funny this movements that you see behind closed eyes looks like.. well its a bit odd.

When you sink down into falling asleep there is this point when your fantasies start to live there own life and you just become someone who watches like if it was a movie. Now the story in this film was quite interesting;

I was standing next to a women that looked familiar in some way. We were talking and was pretty close, not unpleasant in any way.. She looked at me and we stopped talking just looking in each others eyes. Gradually I moved closer to her lips, she shut her eyes and in that moment there was this loud howl from some birds. Opened slowly my eyes and there were two seagulls who circulate above my head shouting at each other.

Closed my eyes again and wondered why it's impossible to restart an old dream.

Monday, 21 April 2008

Like it was in the stone age

Found this book by incident while surfing in cyber.

Gave me a laugh and I thought what a good ironic title. Then I realized that it was perhaps not an ironic book.. and I had an even better laugh.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Sunday evening thoughts

I stopped by next to the water and thought, do I long for material things? And the answer is yes.

Looking out on the water and feeling the breeze I get this urge for a sailing boat. Don`t have to be something special. Just a small dinghy would be nice to be sailing around and enjoying the view. Of course it must be big enough for two, it's always pleasant with company. And all impressions that you get is double that good when you have someone to share it with.

The resulting question I had in my mind when heading home is if there is better material things, that sort of justifies that you long for them?

Sunday morning breakfast

A cup of tea, earl grey.

Some cheese, prästost, pat of mayonnaise on the cheese, and an olive.

Fold it together ahh.. so tasty!

Saturday, 19 April 2008


Now I understand where this strange feeling comes from.

It´s a full moon outside!

Perhaps I would surrender and just run out and howl?

Going for a ride

It´s interesting getting out on the road a saturday evening. There is no one else in sight, but it´s also a very uncrowded area I live in. I´ll guess all normal people are sitting home watching TV so that´s why you and your machine are so lonely. But that´s fine when you short cut through the bends..

Funny that with digital cameras you can take pictures against the sun. Turns your old school thinking of photography a bit upside down. I once was that kind of darkroom maniac who could do a lot of copys to try make the picture visible from one lousy negativ, haven´t done any photographs in black and white for perhaps twenty years now hmm..

This is actually my secret beach but I didn´t feel out what the temperature was today..

When you turn off the engine there is this smell from a warm motorcycle combined with the sound from the engine and exhaust system that tickles. But otherwise there is only some birdsong and nothing else. Had it not been so cold (+10 centigrades) I could have sat on the beach thinking and feeling until the sun completely dropped.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Why do I feel so happy today?

Could it be that I didn't bought a new motorcycle today.

Could it be the sunshine that was really warm.

Could it be something else..

Simple things that makes your day

The youngest daughter came inside taking a brake from bicycling and she wanted Långfil (translation?) in a glass and a straw...

Hahaha! what a laugh I got but she did empty that glass with the straw.

Sundaymorning and snow is melting

Snowman looks a bit influenced by cubism.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Three to one

Three things I haven't done today:

I haven't bought a new motorcycle, but it was close.

I didn't find a new mistress, and it was perhaps not so close..

I didn't go to the library, and that is unusual because I always use to do that on Saturdays.


I bought a Saab a used one from 1993. Yes there is already four cars on the premises but they all got some sort of problems that I will fix.. when I got time and the right feeling..

It's more easy to by a new car that is ready to drive :-)

And what I like is this label.

April fools

From my window at this moment...

Déjà vu

I believe this has happend before.

Friday, 11 April 2008

In need of a kick?

This is a kick, yes the Swedish name is "spark" and the belt is needed to hold it into pieces, it has seen better days..

I got a kick today, in the telephone this afternoon there was an offer for a new job and it´s a nice kick! But it wasn´t easy. I had to do three interiews with people from the company and then they sent me to a psychology firm to do a proper exam.. but I do know how to seduce people..

Peter Carlsson is a funny guy from Dalarna that sings and tell jokes. I once heard him on TV when he told this story about a kick, like the one in the picture.

He was moving to another place and where shipping stuff in his old Volvo PV. To bring his kick he put it on the roofracks and tied it there. But he was also in a hurry because he was soon going for a trip to Africa with his old Volvo so he forgot the kick on the roof and started the trip heading down from Borlänge driving all night through France and come to the Spanish border at dawn. The custom officials got out and lay their hands on the guns like if they where going to fire if he tried anything. Whats that they asked and pointed at the roof.

O he said It´s a kick. :-)

And the custom officers considered that it wasn´t such a bad idea to bring your kick with you in case you needed one.

The kick he later gave to a beduin in Sahara that liked to sit on it watching the sunset. And think in the future when some archaeologists dig it up they will have difficult explaining why there is a kick in Sahara.

Mayby this story is more funny in Swedish "dalmål" but I have decided to stay on this language that I hardly can spell until I switch to German or Finnish :-)

Thursday, 10 April 2008

A stroll in the woods

What never stops to make me feelgood is the beauty of nature. It constantly changes over the year and you never get bored of the impressions that it brings to you

The sound from "spring" water that, mixed with the birds that this season really is singing, do makes you feel good.

Flowers are definitely female and like woman they can warm your heart.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Morning in April

There is a reason why the spring hesitates.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Why the Arabic numbers won

Daughter was reading a catalouge with seeds this evening. She got upset that the number of seeds was marked with M for thousand and that was not correct in her SI-System manner of thinking.

Yes, I replied but M is in the old Roman system that every honest film has in the end with the production year.

Ok she said but the Arabic system won because the Romans forgot one very important thing in there system.. they haven´t got any zero..

Monday, 7 April 2008

In the kitchen you can find..

Went downstairs to have something to eat this evening, is this typical male behaviour? Found some seasoned cheese and olives that makes a good combination. But I also found the eldest daughter actually standing in the kitchen and reading the last pages in a book, one from the Robin Hobb series. I must confess that I will probably not read any of her books.. but the cheese and olives tasted good :-)

Past or Present

How can you explain without using words?

Mondaymorning thoughts

Sunday, 6 April 2008

No gender?

Suddenly today I realise that the english language has no gender. How can anybody live or exist without a gender? What a horryfying insight. Me myself have been raised up in a land with a language that has gender on everything and it's tricky to know what gender you should use. Sometimes no one really knows and we are just guessing.

But without gender you are nobody.. reduced to...

In an ever changing mood

A new day and new opportunities. Gray skies that don't let any sunshine warm your body or heart. But it doesn't matter, it's sunday anyway. Interesting this special mood you have on sundays. Sort of contemplating, thinking and feeling lazy. I wonder why sundays are almost unwanted, perhaps it's because there is a monday next day.

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Loosing something

Yes this is an old favourite to me.
And I liked an interview with her when she told that now when she had all the money.. she would have like to buying all the neighbours houses from the place where she grow up and blow them up to pieces.. Yes in Jönköping, Sweden..


Visst blir man glad av att se de här Skillorna. Det känns som att det är nerförsbacke mot sommaren.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Nää de bidde ingen ny båge

Det blev ett nytt bakdäck istället. Det gäller att få ett som är så brett som det bara går att få plats med. En millimeter till kedjeskyddet blir lagomt. Nu har jag däck så man kan åka och fika låångt bort..


Så rent och vackert, det blir tårar i ögonen.


I den bärbara datorn. Grabben har blåst den och installerat Linux. Tänk att så många kör med sitt windows utan att veta av något annat. En rolig grej med Linux är att det behövs inget anti-virus program eftersom det finns inga virus som angriper Linux.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Kvälls mums

Går i kylskåpet och söker något att mumsa på ikväll. Oliver är alltid lika gott, de gröna med paprikabit instoppad är klassiska, skulle gärna se hur det går till när de stoppar in paprikabiten. Men nu ikväll är det svarta utan kärnor som är favoriten, mmm.. så gott att smaska direkt ur flaskan..

Så skönt i solen idag!

En solvarm gäspande kisse i strålande vårsol.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008


Läste ikväll i en blogg om en kvinna som hela tiden var uppvaktad av män som messade. Vilket lyxproblem att vara så uppmärksammad, visserligen så var det hennes kropp de var ute efter men ändå tycker jag inte att det vore ett oangenämt problem om någon messade mig med diverse förslag..

Kände idag att jag måste köpa något som gör mig glad och då blir det naturligtvis att spana på blocket. En riktig motor ska det naturligtvis vara och ingen vanlig svensson hoj eller någon sån där modern med en massa plastkåpor och krafs.

Det här vore drömmen nu ikväll, en himla massa motor utan något bjäfs. Två stötdämpare bak som i gamla tider och dessa är originalmonterade från Öhlins i Upplands-Väsby, de bästa som går att köpa. Det här är rätta bågen för mig..

Synd att inte pengarna finns men banken brukar vara glada att få låna ut..