Saturday, 9 April 2011

Ice is gone

Feels both good and in a way sad when the ice on the lakes are gone, but a new spring is definitely coming.

Got out in this bike that I bought late last autumn just by chance. When this model originally come up at the market in 1984 it was in a period when I moved my interest from bikes to sailing boats and it was nothing I wanted to have.

But it starred with Tom Cruise in Top Gun..

I remember I saw the film alone in a small movie theater in LuleƄ when it had moved from the big screens. I wanted just to have seen it back in 1986 and it was as I expected filled with so many errors, besides that lump story, my concern was then on flight technicallities and manouvers. I went out and thought that I would newer see another Hollywood film again.. but somehow I did :)

Star in the film was in a way this Kawasaki.. The same model I now have in my hands.

And by chance? I bought at a Second Hand shop this winter a leather jacket quite similar to the one Tom Cruise had in that film and when hurdling out at this curwy way today in that jacket I got this song in my head.. hahaha but I wore a helmet :)


dianne said...

Beautiful photograph of the bike and the lake.
I think the Kawasaki was the star of the show and more interesting than Tom Cruise ... I just know that you would look better on that bike and in the jacket than Cruise.

xoxoxo ♡

The Mess said...

yes I am a good looking guy :)

I have thought about it for some time. When I was I young and even better looking, there was not many girls who payed any attention. but now when I come to the middle-age there is always so many girls and women who stare at me. If I go on a bus or train you could glance in the window and see in the reflexes that females are always staring at me, could be that I also look a bit odd :)

Sort of fun if you travel opposite to a girl in a train and have studied her looking at you in the reflex of the window, theh you turn your head and try to look her in the eye and they always blink and try to look at their shoes :)

Yes I am also a bad guy..

dianne said...

Yes, you are a good looking guy and I can understand why so many girls and women stare at you ... you are hot.
You don't look odd at all.
It would be fun sitting opposite you on the train and looking at your reflection in the window ... but if you looked me in the eye, I would blink, look at my shoes and blush!
Yes, I could see that you would be a bad boy but in a nice way! ;)

xoxoxo ♡