Wednesday, 19 August 2009

To be at the right side

Suutari bay at the northernmost reach in The Gulf of Bothnia

“Fänriken” (The Second Lieutenant) An ill famous reef annoyingly just under the water surface. Back in the old days it was not marked out just something everybody knew about and made a curve around to be safe.

When I was about ten years old me and an older brother borrowed "Ann" our fathers boat, a wooden “snipa” just to go out on a trip at sea. Of course we managed to run aground here.. Hahaha I got scared as.. and it took a lot of efforts to get it off the stones, thankfully without more injuries than scratches below the waterline. We agreed to not say a word to anyone..

Since that I have always had a big respect for this reef when passing. Nowadays it's no problem since it is properly marked out. Feels like “you can't get me anymore”..

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Summer breakfast

Fresh and unlawfully fished

Actually closest neighbour phoned the other day and asked if we wanted some crayfish. He had found some cages in the little river they got on their land.. my cages are still in the foodcellar:-) So he took the cages and their contents in custody and they don't eat that stuff..

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Not the Sunday dread

Rather strange, I'll not be going to work tomorrow. Last time I had a vacation was in -07 hmm..

So now when I can sleep as long as I want (I'll probably wake up five anyway) I think I just go to bed extra early and read some of my years of MCM magazine, dreaming away on some project..